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The movie begins with a college reunion party, where 6 friends meet each other after two long years. Jai – a journalist, was a music freak in his college days, his music impressed one and all; fun-loving and adventurous, a true college heart-throb. Jadoo – a photographer and a certified flirt, who misses no chance to fool pretty young girls with false dreams of stardom, a facebook addict – he has to update everything as his facebook status. Aashu – a sales executive, has a way with words like no one else, even his seniors were no match for his wit. Golu – a couch potato in the true sense, who loves to eat; does absolutely nothing except an occasional visit to his father’s company, has a wicked sense of humour and famous throughout college for his double-meaning jokes. The female member of the group – Kavya- is a complete tomboy at heart; out-going and confident, she is a no-nonsense girl who can beat the guys at their own games. And Prachi – a typical girl friend of jai, is a girl who wants, Jai to be with her always. She always fight with him if he an follow his instructions.In the Reunion party from one of their friend they came to know about the place called Bhangarh. BHangarh is asia’s most haunted place , and it is believed that if any body stay their in night, will not survive afterwords. ( and such real incidents are available on google, that if any body stay their in night, next morning they found dead ) so these people plan a Trip to this place for the fun. During this trip they discover history and unique things about this fort. And this made their life hell. This film goes to breath taking climax

Release: 29 August 2014
Genres: Horror

Director: Jitender Pawar
Producer: Rock N Rolla Films
Cast: Manish Chaudhary, Vikram Koccher, Rohit Chaudhary, Rachit Behl, Piyush Raina, Poonam Pandey, Sudheer Rikhari, Suzanna Mukharjee

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